Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans

Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans

If you are staying in Colorado, you must seek the benefits of Medicare Health Insurance Plans. There are around 10 plans that are available to the people. Based on your requirement and medical expenses, you can opt for the suitable one. The Medigap policies have proved to be a blessing for senior citizens.

If you are a senior citizen staying in Colorado, the Medicare Health Insurance Plans can be of great benefit. The Original Medicare Parts A and B cover only 80% of the expenses. The remaining 20% is covered by Medicare Health Insurance insurance or Medigap policy. Authorized private insurers are allowed to sell the Medicare plans in the state, offering the same benefits, but can set own rates.

Coverage of Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado

  • Medicare Part A covers coinsurance, hospitalization costs and medical and emotional care. It also includes deductibles.
  • Part B covers co-payments along with the first three pints of blood if required.
  • Covers the medical costs while travelling abroad.
  • The expense coverage for skilled nursing home coinsurance.

There are 8 Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado that covers 100% medical services.

Statistics about Colorado Medicare Plans

  • As per 2015 survey, Colorado includes 54,347,667 Medicare beneficiaries.
  • 786,473 individuals are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. The state ranks 26th with respect to the number of policy holders.
  • 682,545 policy holders qualified for their age, and 103,929 policy holders were eligible due to disabilities.

Percentage of people aged 65 years and above in the five most populated Colorado counties include:

  • Jefferson-15.6%
  • Arapahoe-12.5%
  • El Paso-12.2%
  • Denver-11.1%
  • Adams-10%

The three most popular Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans are:

  • Plan G
  • Plan N
  • Plan F

Calculating the Medicare Plan rates

There are three ways that calculates the Medicare Health Insurance Plans.

Attained age

As you become older, the premium rates increase.

Issue age

The premium rates are settled based on the age when you first bought the policy.

Community rated

Regardless of your age, the premium rates are same for all.

Most of the health insurance plans sold in Colorado are Attained age. The problem is that the premium increases as you age. Every insurance company sets its own rates. Hence, you have to make sure that you make the right choice.

Accessibility of the Medicare plans

US provides 10 Medicare Health Insurance Plans, and all of them are sold in Colorado as well. Each one of them provides different coverages. Some of the popular plans include:

  • Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan N

Covering prescriptions

If you think that the Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado covers the prescription drugs, think again. It is not provided in Colorado under the Medicare Health Insurance plans. You have to separately purchase Medicare Part D separately to get access to it.


When you buy Medicare Parts A and B, you are getting enrolled into the Medicare Health Insurance Plans. The Initial Enrollment Period is the best time to choose a suitable Medigap Plan. You get a tenure of six months during which you have to enroll in Medicare Part B and get Guaranteed Issue Rights. If the six month period gets expired, you don’t get Guaranteed Issue Rights.

No Initial enrollment, but Guaranteed Issue Rights

  • The insurance company has gone bankrupt
  • You have moved out the Medicare Advantage Plan coverage area
  • Switching from one Plan to the other

Using Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plan in other states

The best aspect about the Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plan is that it can be used in other states as well. It means that you have the freedom to choose your own doctor and treatment facility as long as it is accepted by your Medicare Plan. You are not restricted with referrals and networks anymore.