Why Medicare Supplement Insurance is a good option when Medicare is not enough

Why Medicare Supplement Insurance is a good option when Medicare is not enough

If you discover that Medicare only allows you to pay many of your health care needs, what can you do to cover more of your medical expenses? The Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans can be used to supplement the basic Medicare benefits of Part A and Part B, also known as Original Medicare.

Both types of plans will help you with Medicare deductibles and copayment rates. Only Medicare benefit plans now cover prescription drugs. If you have Original Medicare and a Medigap Plan, you can also add a Prescription Drug Plan known as Medicare Part D. Make sure your medications are covered before enrolling in any plan.

Medicare supplemental insurance has fewer restrictions on the choice of doctors.

One of the main differences between Advantage and Medigap plans implies your freedom to select a doctor. Medicare supplement plans allow you to choose any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare. Advantage plans generally provide care through HMOs that limit your choice of doctors to a network. You will not be restricted in situations where you need emergency or urgent care. If you need an out-of-network specialist for non-emergency or non-urgent care, lack of coverage can deprive you of critical care for your condition.

Medicare Advantage plans are not standardized

A second important difference between these two types of coverage is the standardization of benefits. Medigap Insurance has been standardized in 10 benefit packages and each combination of benefits is designated by letter. For example, Medigap Plan F has more benefits and the benefits will always be the same, regardless of whether your Plan F is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield, Human, etc.

Medicare Advantage plans are not standardized, so you should ask more questions and understand the rules that apply to each individual plan. Different benefit plans may require you to follow different rules and plans may pay for different prescription drugs.

Following one plan may cost you more in the long run

Most people prefer to look for ways to increase their health care coverage once and end it, but this is an expensive strategy. The available plans change from year to year. For example, Medigap coverage reduced some plans and added two new packages in the low premium range in 2010. If you don’t look at the new plans when they hit the market, you may lose opportunities to expand your coverage or reduce your premiums.

Are You Ready For Open Medicare 2012/2013 Registration?

Are You Ready For Open Medicare 2012/2013 Registration?

The first step is to reevaluate your health care needs. Check your current drug prescriptions and how often you visit your healthcare professionals. Have you received any notice from your plan provider about changes to your plan? Make a list of your current medical needs and everything that has changed since the last time you signed up for your Medicare plan.

Even when you want to maintain your current coverage, it may be time to make a change to your plan because a similar plan may offer even more benefits or lower costs. Because competition in the Medicare insurance industry between private insurers is strong, the plan’s benefits and premiums change constantly, which benefits consumers. Therefore, compare your list with other Medicare advantage plans available in your area by thoroughly checking all benefits and costs. Be sure not only to compare monthly premiums, but also consider your total costs, including all deductibles, copays and coinsurance! You can start your search at Medicare.gov or by contacting a licensed Medicare insurance broker.

If you decide to look for a Medicare specialist, it is best to find one that is independent of a specific health insurance company so that he can offer you the full spectrum of plans available. These consultants may also be more motivated to find a plan that works best for you, while an insurance agent can pressure you into one of two or three plans you have for sale. While it is generally a good idea to ask friends and family for recommendations, keep in mind that medical needs are very individual and that a perfect Medicare plan for them may not meet your health care needs.

To make the right decision, you also need to know the differences between Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare supplemental insurance. There is no size for everyone. For some, for example, those who do not see their doctor as often, best Medicare Advantage plans may work better, while for others, especially older people in rural areas with a limited number of healthcare providers, a supplemental O Medicare with a wide range of doctors could be better, although it may cost a little more. This is where you can save money by evaluating all currently available plans and comparing them to your current medical needs. Medicare’s variety of plans makes the choice complex, but if you want to find the best Medicare plan for your individual needs for 2013, feel free to compare the benefits and contributions of the plan during your Medicare 2013 open enrollment period.

Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans

Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans

If you are staying in Colorado, you must seek the benefits of Medicare Health Insurance Plans. There are around 10 plans that are available to the people. Based on your requirement and medical expenses, you can opt for the suitable one. The Medigap policies have proved to be a blessing for senior citizens.

If you are a senior citizen staying in Colorado, the Medicare Health Insurance Plans can be of great benefit. The Original Medicare Parts A and B cover only 80% of the expenses. The remaining 20% is covered by Medicare Health Insurance insurance or Medigap policy. Authorized private insurers are allowed to sell the Medicare plans in the state, offering the same benefits, but can set own rates.

Coverage of Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado

  • Medicare Part A covers coinsurance, hospitalization costs and medical and emotional care. It also includes deductibles.
  • Part B covers co-payments along with the first three pints of blood if required.
  • Covers the medical costs while travelling abroad.
  • The expense coverage for skilled nursing home coinsurance.

There are 8 Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado that covers 100% medical services.

Statistics about Colorado Medicare Plans

  • As per 2015 survey, Colorado includes 54,347,667 Medicare beneficiaries.
  • 786,473 individuals are enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. The state ranks 26th with respect to the number of policy holders.
  • 682,545 policy holders qualified for their age, and 103,929 policy holders were eligible due to disabilities.

Percentage of people aged 65 years and above in the five most populated Colorado counties include:

  • Jefferson-15.6%
  • Arapahoe-12.5%
  • El Paso-12.2%
  • Denver-11.1%
  • Adams-10%

The three most popular Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plans are:

  • Plan G
  • Plan N
  • Plan F

Calculating the Medicare Plan rates

There are three ways that calculates the Medicare Health Insurance Plans.

Attained age

As you become older, the premium rates increase.

Issue age

The premium rates are settled based on the age when you first bought the policy.

Community rated

Regardless of your age, the premium rates are same for all.

Most of the health insurance plans sold in Colorado are Attained age. The problem is that the premium increases as you age. Every insurance company sets its own rates. Hence, you have to make sure that you make the right choice.

Accessibility of the Medicare plans

US provides 10 Medicare Health Insurance Plans, and all of them are sold in Colorado as well. Each one of them provides different coverages. Some of the popular plans include:

  • Plan F
  • Plan G
  • Plan N

Covering prescriptions

If you think that the Medicare Health Insurance Plans in Colorado covers the prescription drugs, think again. It is not provided in Colorado under the Medicare Health Insurance plans. You have to separately purchase Medicare Part D separately to get access to it.


When you buy Medicare Parts A and B, you are getting enrolled into the Medicare Health Insurance Plans. The Initial Enrollment Period is the best time to choose a suitable Medigap Plan. You get a tenure of six months during which you have to enroll in Medicare Part B and get Guaranteed Issue Rights. If the six month period gets expired, you don’t get Guaranteed Issue Rights.

No Initial enrollment, but Guaranteed Issue Rights

  • The insurance company has gone bankrupt
  • You have moved out the Medicare Advantage Plan coverage area
  • Switching from one Plan to the other

Using Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plan in other states

The best aspect about the Colorado Medicare Health Insurance Plan is that it can be used in other states as well. It means that you have the freedom to choose your own doctor and treatment facility as long as it is accepted by your Medicare Plan. You are not restricted with referrals and networks anymore.

Tips for Senior Dimensions Medicare Advantage Policy

Tips for Senior Dimensions Medicare Advantage Policy

Medicare Advantage policies are very popular with seniors in Las Vegas and Senior Dimensions is one of the oldest and leading companies providing healthcare to Medicare recipients who currently own the original Medicare, Parts A and B.


Senior Dimensions has been offering Medicare Advantage policies in Las Vegas since the mid-1980s. In the early 2000s, the United Healthcare Group acquired Senior Dimensions as well as its parent Sierra Health and Life. United Healthcare is one of the largest health insurers in the United States and is ranked among the top 20 Forbes 500 companies. United Healthcare is the only Dow 30 listed health insurance firm.

The policy:

Your policy is a health policy in Las Vegas. This policy will pay you 20% and deductibles that Original Medicare does not insure. This includes hospital, physicians and medicines all in one policy.

Additional rewards:

This policy offers a variety of additional rewards at low or no cost to its members. Remember, Medicare doesn’t care if you can see, hear or chew.

The policy also offers transportation services, basic dentistry, hearing, eye exams, nursing line and participation in a gym.

United Healthcare also has its own hearing aid manufacturer and can save its members on hearing aids.

In addition to these rewards, they also have 2 lifestyle centers located in east and west Las Vegas. These lifestyle centers are an activity center that allows members to get educated, meet physicians, dance, play games and the monthly schedule can be emailed for your convenience.


The network using the policy is Southwest Medicare Associates and they have many locations in southern Nevada. These centers are an all in one facility. That is, you can see your physicians, get lab tests, dental, vision and hearing services all in one facility.

In 2013, Senior Dimensions opened a new network called the Optum network. These are physicians who do not work for Southwest Medical Associates, but have a contract to see Senior Dimension members. This gives members even more options for physicians and even more places to choose from.


Medicare requires all Medicare Advantage policies to include drug insurance so visit https://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org to get more information. Senior Dimensions offers a complete list of 5-level medications. You will be subject to co-payments and policy requirements, including costs required by Medicare. As with all Medicare Advantage policies, you should consult a qualified Medicare broker who will represent you and your needs before purchasing a reward policy.

Do you qualify for the Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)?

Do you qualify for the Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)?

Medicare Part C is the Medical Advantage Plan, whose services are offered by private companies approved by Medicare. Part C combines Parts A and B, as well as any other necessary medical services that a person may need (prescription, hearing and vision services). Many people opt for this plan because it offers the possibility of adding a wide range of service coverage to their health insurance plan, but Plan C is not offered in all states.

However, most Medicare benefit plans consist of specific doctors and hospitals in an area that a person must use to receive coverage for the medical treatment they receive. In addition to the premium paid for Medicare Part B coverage, a person who receives Part C coverage will have to pay a monthly premium. There are many best Humana Medicare Advantage plans available to you. These plans include Medicare health maintenance organizations (HMOs), Medicare Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans, Medicare Private Service Rate (PPFS) plans, special Medicare needs and Medicare medical savings account (MSA).

When you are preparing to buy Medicare Advantage plans, you should start on the Medicare website or talk to your community insurance broker. It is also a good idea to search the Internet to examine companies. You may find that there are several companies that serve your location that are very reasonable. Many people make the mistake of believing that Medicare covers it for the rest of their life, but even Medicare has its limitations. You will be expelled from the hospital after a certain number of days or will simply refuse your types of treatment or exam, but when you have one of the Medicare Advantage Plans, that will not be the case. It is the least expensive approach to ensure you have the level of medical care you need at a price you can afford.

A mistake that most older people make is overestimating the value of the Medicare plan. While it may seem that it covers a large part of your medical care, when you are in good shape, if you get sick or hurt, you may end up having a very unpleasant surprise in the form of huge expenses in the mailbox. What’s more intense is that you can be denied medical treatment because you don’t have enough money to pay for it, but with Medicare Advantage plans, this is something that will certainly never happen. Now there are many agencies that offer Medicare Advantage plans, so you can look around to find out which medical professionals you are used to visiting and who will give you the most money for your money.

Medicare in Detail 2

Medicare in Detail 2

Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) adds Medicare coverage to the original drug, some Medicare cost plans, some private service fee plans, and Medicare savings account plans. These plans are offered by insurance companies and other Medicare approved private companies.

Medicare Advantage plans may also offer prescription drug coverage, following the same rules as prescription drug plans. Remember that you may have a late enrollment penalty if you do not have a Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) or without a Medicare Benefit Plan (Part C) (such as an HMO or OPP) or other health plan. . Medicare Health offers Medicare-controlled drug coverage or no credible prescription drug coverage for an ongoing period of 63 days or more after the initial enrollment period ends.

How Medicare Works

Original Medicare is a federally administered coverage. There is usually a cost for each service. In most cases, you can look for any doctor, other healthcare professional, hospital or other center that is enrolled in Medicare and accepts new Medicare patients. With a few exceptions, Original Medicare does not cover most prescriptions. However, you can add health insurance by clicking https://www.healthinsurance2020.org in the Prescription Drug Plan (Part D). With Original Medicare, you don’t have to choose a primary care physician. In most cases, with Original Medicare, you do not need referral to consult a specialist, but the specialist must be enrolled in Medicare. You may already have employer or union coverage that you can pay for costs that Original Medicare does not have. Otherwise, you may want to purchase a Medicare supplement insurance policy (Medigap).

How to enroll in Medicare

If you receive Social Security benefits before your 65th birthday, you will automatically receive a notification of your Medicare enrollment immediately before your 65th birthday or 25th disability. Other people must submit a request by calling or visiting the Social Security office to receive Medicare. If you still do not receive Social Security or if you have not received a Medicare registration notice, contact your nearest Social Security office for information. Medicare applications can be made during a seven-month period, which begins three months before your 65th birthday month. It’s best to submit your request during the three months prior to your 65th birthday. If a claim is made during this period, your coverage will begin on the first day of your month of birth. Subsequent enrollment will delay the start of your benefits.